Sunday Worship

Where and When 

Worship services are at 11am each Sunday at Eisenhower Chapel at Penn State.


Parking is available on Sundays in the Nittany Lion Inn parking deck. If you would like to park in the surface lots near the chapel, Penn State offers a visitors evening/weekend permit for $6/month.

Entering the Church

Eisenhower Chapel is located on the east side of the Pasquerilla Spiritual Center. The main entrance to the chapel is marked on this map and on google maps. Note that their is a large auditorium that is used at the same time as our service–we are instead in the smaller chapel:


Chapel Location

What Our Worship is Like 

Our worship follows an ancient pattern which includes contemporary and traditional music, times of corporate and private prayer, hearing and responding to the Word of God, a Bible-based sermon, confession of sin, sharing God’s peace with one another, and Holy Communion.

The entire worship experience is designed to allow us, individually and as a community, to encounter the Living God, and to participate as the body of Christ together. People from a great variety of traditions and experiences find this form of worship both powerful and transformative. Our hope is that you will join us and see what we mean.

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